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You Want To Show, We Want You To Show Safely

One of the important issues we've considered recently is how we can best suport individuals with special needs that want to exhibit these amazing horses. And also consider how we can ensure our youth stay safe while exhibiting. 

It is our firm belief that FQHR should support and encourage 100% participation in our Round Ups whether at the Affiliate level or at our World Round Up. To that end, we will allow "helpers" into the show arena for exhibitors needing assistance.  

Although we always expect our horse to be "good" unexpected things can and will happen. So our younger youth exhibitors can have Mom, Dad or a specified guardian go into the arena with them.  However, no verbal assistance will be allowed. The helper is there in case of safety issues. They may not help set up a horse or direct in any way.

Our members with special needs will also be allowed to have a helper in the ring as needed. Again, the helper can offer no verbal assistance or direct in any way. Their purpose is to be there in case safety issues arise. 

We are informing our affiliate show secretaries, ring stewards, and gate stewards of this intent and effort. All of our FQHR judges have been advised.

If you have any questions you can call or email Vicki Austin or contact your affiliate President.

We hope you will ALL feel welcomed and supported in the show ring.

FQHR World Round Up and Affiliate Round Ups

As we get more infomation and updated show schedules we'll post them for the affiliates. Check back often becasue we'll also post PDF results for each of the affiliates Round Ups as they come in from around the country. 

your FQHR show info and we'll put it on the website.

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