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Check out last year's approved
FQHR World Round-Up Class Line Up.

Last Season's World Round-Up Class List In Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Friday July 19 8:30 start time
Heading Open*
Heading Amateur*
Heeling Open
Heeling Amateur
Ranch Roping Open
Ranch Roping Amateur
Ranch Doctoring Open
Ranch Doctoring Amateur 
Herd Work Open    
Herd Work Open Jackpot**
Herd Work Amateur 
Herd Work Amateur Jackpot**
Herd Work 3-5 Open
Herd Work 3-5 Amateur
Herd Work Sr. Youth
Herd Work Jr. Youth
Reining Open
Reining Open Jackpot**
Reining Amateur
Reining Amateur Jackpot**
Reining 3-5 Open
Reining 3-5 Amateur
Reining Sr. Youth 
Reining Jr. Youth
Level 3 Working Cowhorse Open 
Level 3 Working Cowhorse Open Jackpot**
Level 3 Working Cowhorse Amateur
Level 3 Working Cowhorse Am. Jackpot**
Level 3 Working Cowhorse Sr Youth
Level 2 Working Cowhorse Open
Level 2 Working Cowhorse Amateur
Level 2 Working Cowhorse 3-5 Open
Level 2 Working Cowhorse 3-5 Amateur
Level 2 Working Cowhorse Sr. Youth
Level 1 Working Cowhorse Amateur
Level 1 Working Cowhorse 3-5 Open
Level 1 Working Cowhorse 3-5 Amateur 
Level 1 Working Cowhorse Youth
Barrels Open
Barrels Open Jackpot**
Barrels Amateur
Barrels Amateur Jackpot**
Barrels Sr. Youth
Barrels Jr. Youth
Down and Back Open
Down and Back  Amateur
Down and Back  Sr. Youth
Down and Back  Jr. Youth
Keyhole Open
Keyhole Amateur
Keyhole Sr. Youth
Keyhole Jr. Youth


Saturday July 20 8:30 start time
Cutting Open*
Cutting Amateur
Cutting SR / JR Youth
Ranch Cutting Open
Ranch Cutting Open Jackpot**
Ranch Cutting Amateur
Ranch Cutting Amateur Jackpot**
Ranch Cutting Sr Youth
Ranch Cutting Jr. Youth 
Ranch Riding Open
Ranch Riding Amateur
Ranch Riding 3-5 Open
Ranch Riding 3-5 Amateur
Ranch Riding Sr. Youth
Ranch Riding Jr. Youth
Level 3 Working Ranch Horse Open 
Level 3 Working Ranch Horse Jackpot**
Level 3 Working Ranch Horse Amateur
Level 3 Working Ranch Horse Am. Jackpot**
Level 3 Working Ranch Horse Sr Youth
Level 2 Working Ranch Horse Open
Level 2 Working Ranch Horse  Amateur
Level 2 Working Ranch Horse 3-5 Open
Level 2 Working Ranch Horse 3-5 Amateur
Level 2 Working Ranch Horse Sr Yth
Level 1 Working Ranch Horse 3-5 Open
Level 1 Working Ranch Horse 3-5 Amateur
Level 1 Working Ranch Horse Yth
Herd Roping Open
Herd Roping 3-5 Open
Herd Roping Amateur
Herd Roping 3-5 Amateur
Herd Roping Sr Youth
Herd Roping Jr Youth
Handy Ranch Open
Handy Ranch Amateur
Handy Ranch Open 3-5
Handy Ranch Amateur 3-5
Handy Ranch Sr. Youth
Handy Ranch Jr. Youth
In Hand Trail 2 year olds 
In Hand Trail yearlings

Sunday July 21 8:30 start Main Arena  
Ranch Pleasure Open*
Ranch Pleasure Amateur*
Ranch Pleasure Sr. Youth
Ranch Pleasure Jr. Youth
Ranch Pleasure 3-5 Open
Ranch   Pleasure 3-5
Yearling Fillies
2 Year old Fillies
3-5 Mares
6-10 Mares
Aged Mares
Grand & Reserve Mares
Open Versatility Conformation
Amateur Versatility Conformation
3-5 Open Versatility Conformation
3-5 Am. Versatility Conformation
Youth Versatility Conformation
Youth Mares
Youth Geldings
Yearling Geldings
2 Year old Geldings
3-5 Year old Geldings
6-10 Year old Geldings
Aged Geldings
Grand & Reserve Geldings
Yearling Stallions
2 year old Stallions
3-5 Stallions
6-10 Stallions
Aged Stallions
Grand & Reserve Stallions
Produce of Dam
Get of Sire

No entry fee for Versatility Conformation. Other requirements for versatility must be met including entering appropriate conformation class sex/age.

* These classes must be entering by 7 pm the previous day. 
** Jackpot pays back 80%. If entering the jack pot class and not the corresponding FQHR sanctioned class you will pay the entry fee, the cattle fee if appropriate and the $20 Jackpot fee.  If entering both the sanctioned class and the corresponding jackpot class you will pay the jackpot fee only.


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